What about Nordic Walking?

It is a very effective outdoor activity for everyone, who is looking for a serious challenge or those who just want to be healthy.

It's an exercice form which covers all main muscle groups and entertains our cardio vascular system during a workout session.

It is an easy, safe and very effective workout form for your complete body which can be exercised anywhere at any time.

On top of it, we are also losing calories and weight while practicing! On average Nordic Walkers burn 30% more calories compared to "regular walkers".

Walking with poles reduces the load on your hips, knees and ankles.

Nordic walking is fun and relieves stress. It is simple to practice. You can work out at low or high intensity.

It's an excellent group exercise and a great way to meet people. Read more... (Health benefits of Nordic Walking)

If you opt for Nordic Goen, you are ready for challenging yourself!

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