How to become a member?

Nordic GOen

You can subscribe at any time during the year. By transferring the membership fee you automatically become member.
In order to ensure an optimal integration into the group and get the most benefits out of Nordic Walking sport, it is recommended to take a basic course.
On your request, private lessons or introductory courses can be arranged.

Membership fees:

You have the following options in membership fees to ensure participation at all courses:

240 Euro / 1 year
160 Euro / 6 months
100 Euro  / 3 months  
15 EURO / 1 session

Please transfer your payments to Nordic Goen S.à.r.l.-s.  account :

BCEE - LU88 0019 5655 7119 5000

Weather conditions:

In case of bad weather conditions (warning orange by Meteolux) the training can be cancelled.

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