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Nordic GOen Trainer

The sport has been part of my life since childhood. I always looked for opportunities for active sports. The passion for sport has remained and I have tried out varioius sports. Over time, I gained more and more interest in outdoor sports. That's how I got to know Nordic Walking, immediately discovered interest in this sport, that lead shortly into a new passion.

My wish is to continue to share this wonderful sport (suitable for people who are under-challenged by walking and are overwhelmed by jogging) in order to make people's lives more pleasant and healthy.

To fulfill my goals and since running & nordic walking are belonging to the versatile athletics sports, I have opted for both Nordic Walking (VDNOWAS) and an Athletic trainer education.

I offer a solid knowledge of sport psychology and fitness improvement. I also remain alert about injury prevention and use motivational teaching technics.

Please join me at one of the outdoor activities, in an upcoming event or for a privat lesson.

You can use my contact information to get in touch or if you have any questions about Nordic Goen.

                                                      Tündi Hertz


Nordic GOen  Nordic GOen

Nordic GOen Trainer  Nordic Goen Trainer

Nordic GOen Trainer

Nordic GOen  Nordic GOen

Nordic GOen  Nordic GOen  Nordic GOen  Nordic GOen

Nordic GOen NordicGOenNordic GOen